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Red Library: A Political Education Podcast for Today's Left

Dec 2, 2019

Part 1 of Red Library's Lost Futures Series
Comrade Neil from the From78 podcast joins Comrade Adam and C.C. Don in the library this week for a real banger of an episode focused on the relationship between science fiction, utopian imaginings, and revolution.
We read through the brilliant sci-fi classic, The Dispossessed, by Ursula K. Le Guin along with her short story, The Day Before the Revolution, as our core texts. And because we are some major based theory-heads, we also bring in an excellent Fredric Jameson essay on Le Guin from his book, Archaeologies of the Future: The Desire Called Utopia and Other Science Fictions, for some back up.
This one has a lot of great moments but the highlights are Comrade Neil giving a great overview of a lot of basic Lacanian concepts as they relate to utopia and the revolutionary impulse through characters in the book. 
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