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Red Library: A Political Education Podcast for Today's Left

May 27, 2020

Red Library just hit our goal of 50 patrons which we have been working on over the last year (AIR HORNS AIR HORNS). As a small thank you to all you comrade listeners out there that have been our ride-or-dies, Comrade Adam/Bane, CC Don/Joker,...

May 18, 2020

BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN AND WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE. The Red Troika plus CC Neil return for more McGowan psychoanalytical goodness. 

In part 3, we focus on chapter 3 of Capitalism and Desire and discuss the Lacanian concept of The Gaze, presentations of women in film, Ayn Rand, self-interest and capitalism as a...

May 10, 2020

On this week's Red Library, we bring you a special collaborative episode with our podrade, Cooper Cherry, at the Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour podcast. 

Comrade Adam went on Machinic Unconscious Happy Hour to discuss Slavoj Zizek's recent book-length hot take, Pandemic!: COVID-19 Shakes the World. 


May 4, 2020

A Lost Horizons Network Collaboration

This week on Red Library, Neil from the From78 Podcast and the Red Troika (Don, Alex, and Adam) continue our reading series on Todd McGowan's Capitalism and Desire: The Psychic Cost of Free Markets.

We kick off part 2 with some discussion of wrestling and basketball then dive into...