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Red Library: A Political Education Podcast for Today's Left

Jun 16, 2019

Comrade Louis joins me to boldly go where most Leftie podcasts fear to tread: History and Class Consciousness by Hungarian Marxist theorist extraordinaire, Georg Lukacs.

This one is all about what we aim for on Red Library by combining some serious theory with a healthy dose of that juicy historical context. We talk a good bit about the general political landscape of the Left in the early 20th century and how Lukacs fits into all of that. And Louis brings some useful insights into why he doesn't get read much anymore if Leftist circles (no spoilers). Oh yeah - we talk about reification and the necessity of a socialist party and militant working class which is really what you all have been salivating and eagerly awaiting since the show started. Well, I have anyway...

Couple highlights of the episode: I do an accent for some inexplicable reason and Louis gives one of the better short summations of the transition from feudalism to capitalism I've heard in recent memory.

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